As existing web design and online marketing customers already know, one of the first steps in working with our team is filling out a creative brief form. This document is quite lengthy, but it is incredibly crucial to our process.

How? Here are four reasons why our BPM Marketing team requires creative brief forms from all of our small business clients.

Reason #1: It Helps Us Determine Goals and Expectations

There are multiple explanations as to why a creative brief form is so crucial to our process, but the most important is that it helps our team determine the expectations of our small business clients right from the start. Without a complete list of their ideas, goals, and benchmarks, it can be quite difficult to understand how we can leverage our talents to best suit their needs. By getting this down on paper in the beginning, we are able to then meet these requirements effectively.

Reason #2: It Helps Us Make Things Actionable

Which brings us to our next reason—it helps us make things actionable. At BPM Marketing, we understand that being creative is wonderful, but ideas won’t get you anywhere if you don’t put them in motion. A complete creative brief form helps us understand client timelines and goals, allowing us to map out a series of action steps to move things forward.

Reason #3: It Allows Our Team to Anticipate Client Needs

Another reason why we require our digital marketing clients to fill out a creative brief is that it allows us to anticipate their needs before they are brought up. For example, if we know that May is a busy time of year for sales, we can start the discussion in February or March of how we are going to ramp up advertising and promotions for that period. It can also give us ideas on new projects to help a company flourish and determine what ideas they would not be interested in. Essentially, it acts as our guide for creating success for our customers, which is incredibly exciting.

Reason #4: It Saves Everyone Time

One of the most critical reasons why we have each of our small business clients fill out a creative brief form is that it saves everyone time. Before completing a task, our team checks the creative brief form on file for the client. If the answer is already there—and in most instances, it is—we don’t have to bother anyone with an unnecessary phone call or email. Plus, there are no delays in the process.

So, are you ready to get started? Our BPM Marketing team is ready to help you grow your small business. Contact us today for further details.

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